The sales and marketing function organises and directs all those business activities involved in assessing and converting consumer purchasing power into effective demand for a specific product or service and in moving the final product or service to the intended consumer or user so as to achieve the profit target or other objectives set by the company. SIMPLE…But not so simple. While working with many clients to help them achieve their revenue and growth targets we have discovered that the sales /marketing function is still not fully implemented in the vast majority of companies. There are inherent conflicts within this concept of organising the companies resources and functions to satisfy customer needs at a profit. The market must be thoroughly analysed if a company is to organise itself to supply customer needs at a profit. Once the nature of the companies existing sales process is examined, and in particular the relationship between the company and its markets, we are able to identify the detailed role we will play to implement and integrate our proven business development solutions to support the organisations sales and revenue objectives.